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What is RAISE?

Tigerlily Foundation has partnered with WiTT Forever to establish the RAISE platform. RAISE, which stands for Resources and AssIstance for Support and Empowerment, is a platform that makes it easy for patients to get support without feeling as though they are burdening others. Tigerlily understands that patients with chronic disease often face challenges that lead to the need to make difficult decisions about paying for groceries, childcare or life-saving medical care. Individuals on the RAISE platform can list out the things they need help with – both financial and non-financial – and other people can view this list and claim items for which they’re able to provide help. This platform is patient driven and will evolve as patients provide insights — we look forward to sharing enhancements and additional resources as the RAISE platform continues to grow!

How does RAISE work?

Patients that use the Tigerlily Foundation RAISE platform sign up (link shown below) can create a registry-style list of their unique individual needs. This can include things like financial support for rent payments or medication costs as well as assistance with daily tasks like childcare, groceries, or basic home maintenance. After this list is created, patients can share a special link with their friends, family, neighbors, or other important members of their personal community. These individuals can claim the patient’s list items that they’re able to support and can provide financial assistance directly through the platform. Donated funds are securely transferred directly to the patient.

“I was so excited to see this launch… it was amazing when I first logged in and saw that somebody can ask for help without actually *asking* for help because we know that everyone doesn’t want to ask for help – it’s hard for people to ask! Just letting my family and friends know ‘this is what I need help with’, it’s a great platform, they (friends and family) actually like it and have gone in to look at it and said ‘okay, so when do you need this done?… I’m going to come by on this day.’ ”

~ Tameka Johnson, Tigerlily ANGEL Advocate


Where do I sign up?

Visit or use the 
QR code shown here.

If you are interested in supporting patients on the RAISE platform, you can sign up to be a donor through the QR code and website above OR you can sign up as an anonymous donor by clicking the button below:



Thank You to Our Generous Partners & Supporters